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Beaufort Cottage Guest Information

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If you have any needs or concerns, please contact us toll free at 622-7830 or 728-1899.
Thank you and enjoy your stay!

Check In time is 3:00 p. m. and Check out Time is 10:00 a.m. sharp unless approved by owner.

Upon Arrival
Adjust thermostat in Dining Room to comfort level.

If you have small children, put breakables out of reach of little hands and use provided child locks (in 2nd left hand kitchen drawer) on cabinets and safety gate (in small middle bedroom) where needed. Also please block access to or watch when children are on spiral staircase.

Portable baby crib will be found in middle bedroom.  High chair is in the garage.

Baby Stroller avaialble.

During Your Stay
This is a no smoking home. Smoking is permitted only outside the home. Please use the provided ashtrays (in Laundry Room) so as not to litter the yard. After making sure all ashes are cold, you may empty ashtrays in the bagged wastebasket in Laundry Room. On trash pick up days and at the end of your stay, please tie bag and place in outside container.

The Breaker Panel is on the wall beside the refrigerator. Should a breaker trip, simply unplug whatever you just plugged in, and flip the breaker for that part of the house.

In an emergency Dial 911. Your telephone number is 1-252-XXX-XXXX. The nearest hospital is in Morehead City. Follow Hwy 70 West through Morehead. The hospital is on your right.


The remote for the gas logs will be on fireplace mantle or hearthside table.

The switch for upstairs ceiling fan is in lower hall (first on left coming from Living Room).

Trash pick up is on Tuesday and Friday morning (early). Recycle pickup is on Friday morning only (also early). Recycle bin is by trash containers. For recycle items refer to brochure on refrigerator. Pulling the containers out to the curb the night before lets you sleep in!

Please be sure clothes hamper in hall is not pushed up against air return. This will hamper cooling and heating efficiency and may damage air handler.

The heating & cooling system uses the ceiling vents only. Do not open floor vents. For safety reasons the wall heater in upstairs bedroom in non-operational.

Feel free to use any staples (salt, sugar, condiments, cooking oil, spices, bottled water etc.) and supplies (detergents, soaps, paper products - plates, cups, plastic utensils, napkins, toilet paper, dryer sheets, etc.).
As a courtesy to the next guest, please replace if supply is low.

The switch for the Disposal is to the left lower side of the sink. Run cold water when on. If it should jam up and cut off, first...go to the electrical panel and shut off the service. Then...remove whatever you have put down there to jam it up or use the disposal wrench in the pull out storage bin below sink. Then, turn it back on at the panel. Underneath the disposal is a red reset button. Push the reset button and you should be set to go.

Check lint filter on washer and dryer with each use and clean if needed.

If using outside grills, please scrape and wipe off side trays after use.

Please help us keep expenses down by not leaving doors or windows open if using A/C.

Accidents happen. Blot up any spills on furniture or rugs and use provided cleaning products to prevent stains. Should anything be accidentally broken, please leave note with description of item(s).

Upon Departure
Please wash and dry all bed linens (be sure to use fabric softener or dryer sheets) and leave each set folded in the appropriate bedroom. You may leave the last load in the dryer. You do not have to make the beds.

Bring in any chairs or tables on the upper deck to their original place in the Gathering Room.

Unplug all small appliances in kitchen.

Put dirty towels in hamper or laundry room.

Remove all perishables from refrigerator.

Put all garbage in tied bags and place in outside container.

Please leave house orderly - trash cans emptied, all glasses and dishes in the machine, books, games and videos put away, papers put in recycle, furniture put in original places. IF OUR HOUSKEEPER HAS TO SPEND EXTRA TIME, YOU WILL BE CHARGED ACCORDINGLY.

Put thermostat on 76 if A/C is on and 58 if heat is on.

Check to make sure ceiling fans and all lights are off.

Lock all access doors and put key in lock box.

Have a safe trip home and come back soon!

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